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Known bug

When calculating CO, cardiac output, with the respiratory tool, the result must either be divided by 10 to get L / min or multiplied with 100 to get mL / min. This will get fixed in the next version!


A bug has been reported to us. AneIV stops running when the Emergency-button is pressed.

We are working to fix this issue so you should expect a new release soon!

The AneIV team

AneIV 2.1 released!

We’re proud to announce that a new version of AneIV has been released!

In the new version, version 2.1, all features are accessible to the users. The features include three tools and the option to download and upgarde the BuiltIn! medicationlist.

See features and changelog for all the details!

AneIV Full withdrawn

We’ve choosen to withdraw AneIV Full from Play. This is due to our new release of AneIV. In the next release, AneIV 2.1, all tools and features will be accessible without any purchase. On the other hand, users can upgrade to remove adds and, of course, suppport development.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, we’ve been unable to refund AneIV Full-purchases prior to june 2013. For this we are very sorry. Purchases done after juni 2013 are to our knowledge refunded.

There has also been reported a bug with AneIV Full 1.3. Hopefully we’ve squashed this in the upcoming release!