Bug reported

A user has found a bug that we are trying to remove. The easiest way to reproduce this error is to press the Update Builtin! option in preferences twice within seconds. If the user press the download button once or download a specific list once within 30 seconds, this error will not be a problem (depending on available the internet speed on the phone).

We are working on this and a new bug fix release is coming up soon!

Until then, update the medication list just ONCE within 30 seconds.

New version coming up

We’re working on an update that deals with some UI-changes as well as introducing a new tool – GCS or Glosgow Coma Scale tool.

With this tool you can assess the patient, feed your data into the tool and it will calculate GCS. It supports patient from the age of 0 – zero – years.

You should also expect the usual bugfixes.