The medication list!

Remember to update the built in medication list in AneIV! Go to settings and choose Update Builtin!. Be sure to have a working internet connection!

New version coming up

We’re working on an update that deals with some UI-changes as well as introducing a new tool – GCS or Glosgow Coma Scale tool. With this tool you can assess the patient, feed your data into the tool and it will calculate GCS. It supports patient from the age of 0 – zero – years.… Read More »

Known bug

When calculating CO, cardiac output, with the respiratory tool, the result must either be divided by 10 to get L / min or multiplied with 100 to get mL / min. This will get fixed in the next version!

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AneIV 2.2 Released

AneIV 2.2 has been released. Yet another bugfix release! If there are anything you miss in AneIV, please give us feedback and it might get implemented soon! The AneIV team

AneIV 2.2 + 2.201 Released

Two new versions of AneIV has been released in a short period of time. These versions is mainly a bugfix version. Please keep reporting these bugs! The AneIV Team

AneIV 2.101 Released

This version is mainly a bugfix for those little rascals that didn’t get squashed in the prerelease check. Sorry for any inconvenience. The AneIV Team


A bug has been reported to us. AneIV stops running when the Emergency-button is pressed. We are working to fix this issue so you should expect a new release soon! The AneIV team

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