A bug has been reported to us. AneIV stops running when the Emergency-button is pressed.

We are working to fix this issue so you should expect a new release soon!

The AneIV team

AneIV 2.1 released!

We’re proud to announce that a new version of AneIV has been released!

In the new version, version 2.1, all features are accessible to the users. The features include three tools and the option to download and upgarde the BuiltIn! medicationlist.

See features and changelog for all the details!

AneIV Full withdrawn

We’ve choosen to withdraw AneIV Full from Play. This is due to our new release of Ane IV. In the next release, AneIV 2.1, all tools and features will be accessible without any purchase. On the other hand, users can upgrade to remove adds and, of course, suppport development.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, we’ve been unable to refund AneIV Full-purchases prior to june 2013. For this we are very sorry. Purchases done after juni 2013 are to our knowledge refunded.

There has also been reported a bug with AneIV Full 1.3. Hopefully we’ve squashed this in the upcoming release!

New version released!

I’re proud to announce that a new version of AneIV has been released!

It is called Ane IV NG, where NG stands for Next Generation.

This means that versions prior to 2.0 is discontinued and older versions will not be updated.

This is due to some technical difficulties.

For now, only Ane IV Lite is released. The full version will be released soon. We’ve tried to reimburse all those who has bought the full version prior to 2.0, but limitiations in Google Play limits us to repay customers who has bought Ane IV after june 2013. For this we are very sorry!


We are currently working on an update of our application AneIV. Both versions, AneIV and AneIV Lite, will be redesigned and republished. This means versions prior the upcoming AneIV NG (AneIV 2.0), will not be updated.

Those of our users that have bought AneIV will be refunded and hopefully you’ll buy the new version!

Stay tuned for more information!

The AneIV team

Requests for future versions!

AneIV is constantly in development. This means bugs are squashed when they emerge, new functions are added and the userinterface are modified some from version to version. BUT if AneIV lacks a function or tools that YOU mean could improve userexperience or that you feel you miss in your day-to-day worksituation, please CONTACT us with a request for future versions or leave a comment!


Version 1.3 have been released for a couple of days now! From our point of view everything is ok, but maybe some users have experienced som bugs or weird behaviour that should be adressed. Please give us feedback through this page or reach out to us on twitter!

I’ve forgot to update the about-page on the AneIV lite version. It still says version 1.221. But if favorites remebers the infusionrate you have supplied, you are running version 1.3! This will get fixed soon!

Bug… Or not…

In version prior to 1.3 of AneIV, the number-of-digits-setting didn’t work as planned. Actually it didn’t work at all on some of the newer versions.
In version 1.3 this is fixed, but you have to reset the number-of-digits-setting. This is of course done in settings.

So, note to self – do more thorough debugging before releasing a new version!